Visual Art by Sandy Geddes

“One day, many years ago, a dear friend bought me my first easel – invested in my dream to paint. From those precious beginning times to this new season, I am still learning to listen well.

More often than not, the creative process begins with a great cup of coffee, quiet time and a view with room to dream. I love the journey of creating custom artwork whether in painting, artistic upholstery or jewelry form.”

— Sandy Geddes


Here is a brief selection of paintings created in a variety of settings along with their descriptions.

Title: Overcomer © 2017
Size: 6×9 inch Acrylic
Type: Featured in Hope Dwells book
Description: Ready for anything because Good & Light awaits.

Title: Kindness © 2017
Size: 6×9 inch Acrylic
Type: Featured in Hope Dwells book
Description: Reflecting on the kindness of God.


Title: Storm Flowers © 2016
Size: 6×9 inch Acrylic
Type: Solitudinal Soliloquy
Description: Reflecting on how to vibrantly weather the storms of life.


Title: She Who Dances Upon Injustice © 2016
Size: 6×9 inch Watercolour
Type: Onsite Event Painting
Description: Inspired by a dancing friend of mine, I saw her as beauty bringing joy, dancing upon injustice.